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10 Secrets to Productivity While Working Remotely

Remote work has become a global norm, but many still view it as frivolous and unproductive. We sought to understand why productivity might decline when working remotely and how to counteract it. Here are 10 proven tips from the Apperito team to boost your remote work productivity:

1. High-Quality Communication

Maintaining regular contact with your team lead and colleagues throughout the day is crucial, ensuring swift resolution of any issues that might impede your current tasks. This is an organizational matter that is decided by the team lead.

2. Optimized Workplace

A comfortable, orderly, and conducive workspace can significantly enhance work efficiency and organization.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Messengers, social networks, news portals, and astrological forecasts should not distract during the time allotted for work. Turn off notifications from these time-consuming apps.

4. Prioritize Effectively

Experiment with different approaches to plan your workday efficiently. Whether it’s the “Eat a Frog” method, the “Pomodoro Technique,” or Dwight Eisenhower’s matrix, find what works best for you.

5. Stay Goal-Oriented

Remember that “laziness” often stems from a lack of information, support, or motivation. Stay true to your objectives and resist peer pressure. If you’re easily influenced, reaffirm your goals and values regularly.

6. Quality Environment and Recreation

These are two components for maintaining a balance between the energy we give to work and recovery. Your environment and the people around you significantly impact your energy levels. Setting personal boundaries can be incredibly rejuvenating.

7. Track Your Time

Managers are gradually abandoning the use of online employee monitoring systems. As practice shows, better results can be achieved by focusing on KPIs rather than setting deadlines. It is useful for employees themselves to track the time spent on work. Even if you are in the office, this does not mean that you are working. Use self-control, and the first results will definitely surprise you and show you what you need to work on to be more productive.

8. Break Down Complex Tasks

It’s easier to complete any time-consuming task step by step. This way, it is subconsciously perceived easier, there is less likelihood of errors, and it is easier to control the sequence, quality, and timing of completion.

9. Adhere to a Work Schedule

It is difficult not only to get ready to work at home but also to finish work on time when the lights in the “office” are on and the laptop is not closed. Being at home, many find it difficult to switch off work mode. After the end of the working day, the calls do not stop. We watch a movie, look at documents simultaneously, and prepare dinner with the phone in our hands. We often take our work computer to bed with us and continue working until we fall asleep with our face on the keyboard. In fact, this is imaginary productivity, which is sooner or later compensated by burnout or illness. If you need to work overtime, schedule a specific time.

10. Get Enough Sleep and Don’t Skip Meals

Make it a rule to sleep at least 7 hours a day. Many of us underestimate adequate sleep. But in fact, the quality and duration of sleep directly affect all areas of our lives. If you didn’t get enough sleep and skipped lunch, you are more likely to be not active, focused, friendly to the world, unhappy, and productive.

P.S. No matter how strict your leadership may be, remember that you are the master of your own time. Try to become your own fairest boss and start with self-control. Try to apply the tips we’ve outlined, and you’ll soon find your productivity soaring.

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