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5 films about the IT industry

Still, believe that IT specialists are born and not made? Here is a selection of films about IT that, if not inspire, will definitely make you think.

1.     “The Social Network” (2010) is the story of the creation of Facebook. Who would have thought that a breakup with his girlfriend would be a catalyst for Mark Zuckerberg to establish the colossal social network?

2. “The Fifth Estate” is the story of how one Internet startup exposed the most global conspiracies and secrets and attracted the attention of the American government. By the way, the film was originally given the title “The Man Who Sold the World.”

3. “The Playlist” (2022) is a multi-part film inspired by true events. It tells the story of the creation of Spotify, the free, legal streaming platform that marked a new era in the development of the music industry.

4. “Snowden” (2016) is a thriller with a gripping plot centered around American intelligence agencies’ efforts to implement global surveillance by accessing personal data from individuals worldwide. Edward Snowden, one of the agents, disrupts the United States’ attempt to maintain its global dominance by exposing the truth to the public, sacrificing his own safety in the process.

5. “Steve Jobs” (2015) is an atmospheric film about the journey Steve Jobs took before becoming a co-founder of the Apple and Pixar empire.

Most films on the topic of IT are based on real-life events. Interested in knowing more about the evolution of the information technology era, robots, programming, and artificial intelligence? Then enjoy watching.

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