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5 ways to increase your efficiency

Manage your time wisely

Work in 90-minute intervals. During this period, you can solve one difficult task, three medium, or a few small tasks. While doing the 90-minute interval, you need to be working with no distractions such as social media and so on, however, after the 90-minute interval, you can rest for 10 minutes.

Do self-education

To expand your knowledge, use all possible methods:
– pay attention to platforms with online courses
– read the books and watch video lectures from leading universities;
– visit forums, conferences, and clubs: they will not only provide knowledge but also expand networking.


When taking on a particular task, be sure to indicate the time of its beginning and end. It will be easier for you to plan and distribute your time and energy.

Take notes

Write down the thoughts and ideas that come to your mind.
It’s enough to take a minute of your time to write down an idea, the result will surprise you, in this way you will never lose your thought.

Visualization and planning

Visualize your plans and tasks. Many people recommend keeping a list of tasks and plans for the week, month, or year, for example, in a diary or phone. Such planning makes life much easier and allows you to concentrate on the right things.

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