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How to determine which Internet career is right for you

The IT sector offers the flexibility to work remotely, opportunities for growth, and attractive salary levels. Anyone can find themselves in IT.  However, it’s important to enter IT not just for these benefits but because it truly aligns with your passion. Before making a significant change, newcomers often face a tough decision: choosing the right specialty without making a mistake. We have prepared some recommendations to help you find your place in IT.

Go Quieter, Go Further

The first and perhaps most frustrating mistake that future IT specialists make is choosing the highest-paying specialty. Remember that the information technology field is not the easiest to enter. When choosing a career and training program, be realistic about your abilities. The highest-paying specialties are often the most demanding. If you are still a computer novice, you might find more success starting as an Internet marketer rather than a full-stack developer. Breaking into IT with a complex technical specialty is always difficult, and many people overestimate their abilities and quickly get off track.

Do What You Love. Love What You Do

Study what a particular specialist does. There are many specialties in IT and roles for people with different interests, talents, and temperaments. There are marketers, project managers, testers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, and developers who handle the technical aspects. All of them not only perform specific tasks within their specialty but also work closely with other specialists. Learn about each area to discover which truly interests you.

Measure Seven Times 

Your chosen field may be relatively straightforward and in demand, but remember, it may also be saturated with juniors, and not all employers are ready to hire them. To become a good professional, choose a goal you are willing to pursue and fight for your place under the sun.

Become One of Your Own

Network with people who have been in the IT field for a long time. One way or another, you will have to join the IT community, where the most difficult thing for newcomers is the unique jargon. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of those who have achieved a certain success in their careers. Learn how to ace an interview to get a job offer, how to organize the workflow, etc. Usually, experienced professionals are eager to offer valuable advice to newcomers. 


To attract customers, online course providers often host marathons, webinars and other products that allow you to feel like an IT professional for free. In a 7-14 day marathon, you’ll learn how to perform simple tasks, understand the nature of the job, and get a sense of whether you want to learn more or try something else. Educational platforms also offer tests for potential students who have not yet decided on a specialty. 

P. S. We encourage you to enter IT with confidence and a clear understanding of what you are here for. Remember, the key to success in any career is making a conscious choice and committing fully. Starting from scratch is always difficult, but nothing will happen if you don’t start.

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